Your New Favourite Poetry

Poetry should not suck

By: Warren Christopher Taylor

Yes, reading poems should feel like making love.

You fall inside. Your body falls away.

Your mind goes blank. Your heartbeats rise above.

I’ve realized, though, that poems just suck today.

They’re almost all just awful from the start.

I search in books of poems for something more.

I read and tear each garbage poem apart.

They’re all just self-absorbed, pubescent bore.

Is what I want so god damned hard to find?

I know, and you do too, it doesn’t need

To suck this way. I try to stretch my mind

To what I want to read. I plant a seed

That grows to more than prose that’s cut in lines.

To more than poets who have lost their spines.

Poetry should not suck (Official Poetry Video)

We Can Save Poetry

By: Warren Christopher Taylor

I'm just like you. I love a lovely verse.

But everyday gets harder, like I pray

For water in a desert. Still, what's worse,

Am I the only one who feels this way?

You know, when we were young, we'd read a line

And it was like it made a moment shine.

The verse these poets write just never sings.

They're staring in their mirrors kissing things.

I get it. They hate rhythm, rhyme and joy.

But then I think back how it used to be,

How just a lyric poem could make me see

Beyond my life as just a little boy.

And every word flowed deep beyond its sound.

I can't give up until my verse is found.

We Can Save Poetry (Official Poetry Video)

I'm Warren Christopher Taylor. And this is why I changed my poetry

12 Poetic Steps (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Real, Traditional Poetry)

  • We admitted that we were powerless over how much free verse poetry sucks.
  • Came to believe that rhythm greater than free verse can restore poetry to sanity.
  • Made a decision to turn poetry over to rhythm, rhyme and structure as we understood poetry.
  • Made a searching inventory of what we really like about poetry.
  • Admitted to ourselves the exact nature of how contemporary poetry sucks.
  • Were entirely ready to have Poemonger's poetry show all that's wrong with poetry.
  • Humbly enjoy poemonger's poems so much that we want to change contemporary poetry.
  • Made a list of everything we love about poetry and became willing to use it in real poetry.
  • Made direct amends to write rhythmic and fun poetry real, actual people would enjoy.
  • Continue to take inventory of every word we write and hear when it has no rhythm, logic or beauty at all.
  • Sought through having real people read our poems to find out that people actually love fun, rhythmic poetry with understandable and logical stories to tell.
  • Having had a poetic awakening as a result of Poemonger, we tried to carry this message of poetry's rhythm and possibilities to poets and all people.

My Visions for Poetry's Future - With Audio Poems Included

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Cancel & Tear | Love Story


Read a bit

Cancel & Tear | Love Story

Since he came back from the war, he's been disappearing. Sometimes, just a hand vanishes. Sometimes more. He tries to hide it from Julia. But he knows she'll find out sooner or later. And his love for her is too great for him to risk losing her. How can he hide his disappearing body?

When you read this poem, you'll find traditional rhythmic poetry meeting free-verse poetry in one of the most original and innovative styles of any poet writing today. There's nothing else like this story out there.

Be one of the first to read a new era in poetry.

Poetry's structured beauty is ready to give a new voice to fiction.

Read Warren Christopher Taylor's Cancel & Tear to join the new wave.

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Days Beside Ourselves | Year One


Read a bit

Days Beside Ourselves | Year One

See how fun and friendly traditional poetry can be.

Using rhythm, rhyme and fun bite-sized love stories in sonnets, Days Beside Ourselves tells stories you can relate to.

Our couple meets, falls in love, and goes through the paths of life together, getting into all sorts of fun along the way.

Whether they're on vacation at the beach, having a living room picnic on a rainy day, or being followed by a black cat, they have each other. And that's really all that matters.

And with the smooth, musical, traditional sonnets telling each story, all that matters to you and me is the awesome poetry.

You can read the book straight through. Or you can take it one sonnet at a time.

No matter what, though, meet your newest poetry best friends.

Read Days Beside Ourselves: Year One now.

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Katja4u | A Murder Mystery Romance


Read a bit

Katja4u | A Murder Mystery Romance

Warning: I'm meant for reading hard and fast. And afterwards you'll feel all hot and wet.

I'm a camgirl who sells sex online to put myself through school. Sounds exciting, right? And everything was fun and fine until something crazy started going on. My best friend might have been murdered. Is one of our fans the killer?

My online sex work paid the bills until this psycho wanted to film me as he serial killed me, like I think he did my friend. Is the killer someone I know, a fan. Or is my friend even really dead? Is she just being an a**hole and pranking me?

This is what happens when you sell your sexy body online. A psycho fan might get it in his mind to murder you and your other cam girl friend.

Sex work sells. But it can also get you killed

Read me now so you can find out the whole story and who wants to kill me.